a mother/daughter team


How did it all begin? Probably the same way most new things emerge - when you are desperately looking for something out there and can’t find it. What do you do? You create what you want yourself.

BELLA SKIN BEAUTY started exactly like that when we were looking for certain skincare products with very clean ingredients but couldn’t find something that fit all of our requirements. And there were many - clean ingredients, potent healing ingredients, effectiveness, ease of use, texture, smell and many more. Also, the ease of loving and using all the skincare products from the same line.

Diana has been a self-educated health and wellness expert for many years. She healed herself of many chronic diseases that she has had since childhood with clean eating, supplementation and a meditation practice. She has helped many family members heal illnesses with proper foods and supplements, as well. So she already had a wealth of knowledge in the wellness area. Skin, being our biggest organ, definitely needs the same level of care. Here came the exploration and education of clean organic ingredients for the skin and hair. She started making products for herself and her daughter Alex.

Alex, being a model in Los Angeles, has makeup on constantly, sometimes for up to 10 hours at a time. Her skin was suffering, was dull and frequently was susceptible to acne. BELLA SKIN BEAUTY products brought her skin back to life. She got her skin back…..the beautiful texture, the glow, the moisture.

Diana was also experiencing incredible effects and benefits of the skincare she has created. It seemed like she turned back time. Her skin was plump and smooth again.

Together, Diana and Alex started BELLA SKIN BEAUTY to bring the benefits of our clean, yet effective, products to other women…….. and men. We believe everyone should be able to have beautiful skin without compromising their health by putting harmful ingredients on their faces and bodies.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do! They are made in small batches in Southern California with utmost love and care!


Diana, Alex and the BELLA SKIN BEAUTY team