Oil pulling…..Oil What?!?!? Yes, You Heard this Right.

Oil pulling is one of the simplest hacks to a healthy life and beautiful skin, an incredible detoxification method achieved through effective, consistent oral hygiene practice.

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice of swishing oil around in your mouth for 5-30 mins (the trick is to start with 5 mins and then slowly increase it to 25-30 mins). It sounds a little bizarre, but in reality, it is a proven wellness practice that has a tremendous amount of health benefits.

First and foremost, it’s an incredible detoxification method. As the oil swishes throughout the mouth – the debris, viruses, bacteria and other toxins stick to it, ultimately pulling it from the mouth. Our oral cavity is often looked at as a telling sign of what else is happening in the body, from gut issues to autoimmune diseases. Billions upon billions of organisms fester in the mouth, many of which can contribute to various illnesses and diseases, from cardiovascular issues to diabetes. All of this is interconnected with our oral health, which makes it an essential element to care for. Oil pulling helps to kill bacteria connected to these health ailments, ultimately preventing various illnesses. There are also the superficial benefits: oil pulling is key for freshening breath, and even whitening the teeth. And, of course, detoxification is healthy and beautiful skin’s best friend.

It is super simple to do: Every morning when you wake up and before you brush your teeth, take approximately one tablespoon of oil — coconut is preferred in Ayurveda for its lauric acid content, a fatty acid that boasts anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. Gently swish it around your mouth for about 5 to 30 mins (start with 5 mins and then slowly increase it to 25-30 mins over 2 weeks or so), making sure to move the oil around so it touches all areas of the gums and sides of cheeks. (you can use this time to literally do anything — you name it, as long you don’t have to talk :-). When finished, spit the oil into a trash can (tip: don’t spit into the sink, coconut oil will clog it after a while) and then brush your teeth. Make sure not to swallow any remaining oil as this is riddled with toxins.

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