Why Roses?

The power of the rose...

For many centuries, roses have been used by women all around the world to look and feel better.

  • Ancient Egyptians would boil down whole roses to create a beauty balm with healing properties and would use scented oils, including rose, to cleanse and protect their skin against harsh dry desert winds.
  • Roman women from high society would make rose petal poultices, in the belief that they could banish wrinkles with them.
  • In 10AD, Persians were commercially cultivating roses and discovered a new way to extract the goodness from rose petals — steam distillation.
  • During Medieval times, rosewater was mixed with lead powder (please don’t try this one at home….ever) to lighten complexions (pale skin was in), rose oil was being used to treat scars, and rosewater was the base of many perfumes.

We absolutely love rose petals, rose water and rose oils. Every single one of our products contains organic roses in one or more of its forms.

Rose are absolutely magical:

  • They are full of antioxidants. These particular antioxidants help to strengthen skin cells, which in turn, can help regenerate skin tissues. On top of this, the antioxidants in roses work to neutralize free radicals, which can provide anti-aging benefits to the skin as well.
  • They are a healing powerhouse. While roses are great for all skin types, it is especially great for dry skin due to its extremely moisturizing properties that can help to soothe itchiness. Roses used in the form of an essential oil can also be a great way to moisturize the skin, while protecting it from moisture loss and keeping the moisture barrier strong. Even for those who do not suffer from dry skin, the hydration that roses provide can be extremely beneficial, as it helps to balance the hydration in the skin.
  • They are a wrinkle reducer. Besides being filled with antioxidants, rose water and rose oils are also packed with vitamin A and C, which can help with aging skin. Apart from smoothing the appearance of wrinkles, these vitamins help to reduce the look of age spots on the skin and aid with collagen production.
  • They are an oil reducer. When it comes to moisturizing the skin, rose water helps to balance out moisture, it helps control excess oil production. With this ingredient being so deeply hydrating, it increases water content in the skin as opposed to the level of oils. There are also astringent properties in roses that help to lift dirt and oil from the skin to help it maintain its natural pH balance.
  • They are extremely anti-inflammatory. They have tons of anti-inflammatory benefits, which can help reduce the appearance of redness on the skin. Part of its moisturizing properties also aid in soothing redness and irritation in the skin. The combination of antioxidants and fatty acids in rose oil make it beneficial for soothing skin inflammation, including eczema.

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