Why Clean Beauty?

Terms like clean beauty, green beauty, anti-inflammatory skincare, etc… are popping up everywhere these days. We know it can be overwhelming and confusing. We hope that we can help you get some clarity on this subject in the simplest, most logical way and shed some light on how we see and create the real clean beauty…..

Skin is our biggest organ and everything that is applied to it gets delivered to our bloodstream very quickly. Therefore, we want to make sure that only the cleanest, real, most effective ingredients that heal are applied to the skin.

The most important thing we can do is reduce the inflammation in our bodies. Every disease or skin condition is inflammation of some sort that manifests itself as a disease. If we continue creating inflammation through the toxic products we use on our skin and hair — we are adding to the overall body inflammation therefore — aging, skin conditions, etc… We believe it is completely possible to transform your skin to its optimal state with the correct skincare products.

Our intention is to help women feel alive, confident and healthy inside and out. We believe in a whole body approach. Everything is connected. You cannot just eat healthy anti-inflammatory foods, meditate and/or take supplements, yet still use products made with ingredients that are harmful to your body. Our skincare was created on the principles of redefining what it means to take care of yourself. We believe that by restoring your skin back to health, you will feel alive and confident. It’s the inside out approach of loving yourself.

BELLA. Skin Beauty is mostly an oil-based line. Unlike chemical ingredients... oils and real nature-derived ingredients replicate the wisdom of nature. Our beautiful, highest quality ingredients are completely safe and clean, yet very potent and effective. Every ingredient is recognizable because it is derived from botanicals and exquisite oils. These are anti-inflammatory, high-performance ingredients formulated in a perfect synergy to hydrate, brighten, nourish, exfoliate, protect, cleanse and detoxify. We are proud to offer a skincare line that not only offers effective and clean products but that also focuses on luxurious textures and divine smells that are invigorating and inspiring.

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