Our Skincare Routines

Diana, co-founder of BELLA. Skin Beauty


  • Every morning, I start with our Turmeric Guava Glowing Cleanser. It doesn’t just cleanse and purify my skin but it also deeply nourishes it, reduces inflammation and illuminates it among many other things. Then I tone with our refreshing Rose Neroli Toner to hydrate, nourish and prepare my skin for one of our moisturizing serums. It restores skin’s pH balance allowing for the highest absorption of the serum.
  • Next step is always The Eye Serum. It is extremely moisturizing and potent so I only need 1 drop for both eyes. Make sure to warm that drop up between your fingers and gently apply to the bone around your eyes (never going inside closer to the eye itself). Gently tap around your eyes with your fingers to bring the blood flow to the eye area. Our eye serum is the equivalent of any eye cream but with a lighter texture and potent ingredients to feed and restore that gentle eye area.
  • Next for me is the Vitamin C serum. I use anywhere between ½ to a full dropper, gently applying to my whole face and neck. Our Vitamin C is a plant-based Vitamin C combined with Ferulic Acid and Vitamin E. Truly the strongest trio to plump up the skin and slow down the aging process (you can read more about the Vitamin C serum in the product section).
  • My evening process is the same: Turmeric Guava Glowing Cleanser, Rose Neroli Toner, The Eye Serum and here is where I skip Vitamin C serum (one time per day is enough) and apply about ½ dropper of our Beauty Serum. Our Beauty Serum is a complete moisturizer. You will not need to apply any creams on top of it (Tip: if your skin tends to be dry – you may need a full dropper of the Beauty Serum).
  • I absolutely love our Manuka Coffee Face Scrub. It’s highly invigorating and moisturizing. I use it every other day (Tip: I use it in the shower, less messy since it has espresso coffee in it). Your skin feels absolutely luxurious after using it.
  • Our Amla Rose Beauty Mask is my favorite ritual twice per week. I generously apply it all over my face and neck and then wash it off with warm water in about 15-20 mins. It detoxifies, hydrates and tightens my skin.
  • The Body Oil is an absolute necessity for me. I put it on all over my entire body after every shower. It’s super hydrating and absorbs very quickly, so you can put your clothes on right away. The gentle smell of Jasmine is invigorating and acts as aromatherapy as you are applying it to your skin. I see a huge difference in my skin. It’s always super soft and silky.
  • The Hair Oil Mask is wonderful for my hair. I use it every 2 weeks. I apply it all over my hair, either roots to ends or ends to roots – makes no difference. Put my hair in a bun and keep it on for 1-2 hrs. Then I shampoo twice and condition once. It always puts life back into my hair, makes it soft and healthy, helps it grow. It’s actually great for people with seemingly oily hair, as well as for someone with dry hair. Oily hair is just dehydrated hair that overproduces oil to compensate for the lack of hydration.

    Alexandra, co-founder of BELLA. Skin BeautyALEX’S ROUTINE

    Being in my early 20s, my face skincare routine is slightly different than my mom’s.
    • Every morning and evening, I cleanse with our Turmeric Guava Glowing Cleanser. It doesn’t just cleanse and purify my skin but it also deeply nourishes it, reduces inflammation and illuminates my skin among many other things. Then I tone with our Rose Neroli Toner with a cotton pad all over my entire face, neck, and chest preparing my skin for the full absorption of our Vitamin C Serum. I use it every morning. I use a full dropper of Vitamin C Serum because I have very dry skin and I can never put too much Vitamin C on my face. The Beauty Serum I use every night. I apply about ½ dropper of the Beauty Serum to my entire face and neck and gently massage it in using an upward motion.
    • I believe it’s never too early to start using an eye serum. The Eye Serum is part of my everyday morning skincare routine. All I use is one drop before applying the Vitamin C Serum all over my face. I like to gently tap my fingers for 10 seconds to help the eye serum absorb.
    • Twice a week, I use our Amla Rose Beauty Mask. It has been changing my skin because it really detoxes everything out and you can feel how stimulating it is. Using the mask brush that we provide, I spread a generous layer on my face, neck and chest. I keep it on for about 15-20 min, and then rinse off with a face sponge and warm water. Then I follow with our Beauty Serum to lock in the moisture and effects of the mask.
    • I love the Manuka Coffee Face Scrub. I use it every other day in the shower. It truly cleanses and exfoliates my skin.
    • The Body Oil is my go-to after every shower. It leaves my skin super soft and smooth.
    • The Hair Oil Mask was originally designed for me. As a model, my hair is constantly put through styling, blow drying, curling, straightening iron and a lot of hair products. It leaves it damaged, dried and completely unmanageable. I actually do the Hair Oil Mask every week to undo the damage my hair goes through during the week. I leave it on for 2-3 hours and sometimes even put a shower cap on top to keep all the moisture in. Then I shampoo twice and condition once. It’s really been a life saver for me. It keeps my long hair healthy and shiny.

    BELLA SKIN BEAUTY products are made from all natural organic ingredients. They do not contain any synthetic fragrances, chemicals, preservatives, artificial ingredients, parabens, sulfates, and gluten. Our products have proven to be highly beneficial for people with normal as well as sensitive skin, due to our clean and effective ingredients. If you are concerned about a specific medical condition, please consult your doctor. 

    If you have any questions about our skincare routines, email us.